• Teamwork

    Getursmile developed a collaborative platform that will improve your aptitude to work with your dental network.

Create your network

Feel confident knowing that all the information you store is organized and secure.

You have a complex case that requires the expertise of an orthodontist, a periodontist, a prosthodontist or another professional? Share it with them using our project management platform and save time from your workload to achieve the desired result in record time.

Direct communication with your dental network

Send one or many cases to the specialists of your choice

The specialist or professional receives a request by email with a link to view it by signing in to the Getursmile interface with a username and password
Step 1

Receive immediate alerts from your network

The specialist or professional signs into the Getursmile interface and analyzes the case in question
Step 2

Collaborate on cases with your dental network

You will receive a notification indicating that the dental specialist has responded
Step 3

Send your cases to the lab through the hub

All participants have access to an overview of the case and may leave a note as well as consult the notes of the other specialists who have intervened on the case
Step 4

Try teamwork with Getursmile