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  • Here's how it works

    2 choices are available to you to deliver smiles: Easysmile, the basic version, and Getursmile, the Premium version.

Subscribe to the Easysmile service to show your patient their new smile during their visit to your office. Simple and effective!

A smile in 50 minutes time!

Send us a photo of your patient’s face and receive the new smile within the next 50 minutes so you can present it to them via our interface at the very same appointment and gain your patient’s trust!

Quick Transfer

Once your patient is interested, you can transfer their file to the Getursmile interface in order to present their treatment plan and quote to them at their next appointment.

The Getursmile Package

39 USD/case
No membership fees
An urgent case? You have the option to submit a case and have the result in 50 minutes!

Use the Getursmile service in order to obtain a smile that is 100% true to the 2D simulation by following three easy steps recommended by Getursmile to ensure quality control.

The Getursmile service also allows you to control the most complex cases. You will have at your disposal a treatment plan, as well as a teamwork platform.

Photo + X-ray

Send us a photo of the patient’s face and their panoramic x-ray.
Or if you are an Easysmile member, go to the next step.

Introducing the New Smile

Introduce the new smile to your patient using all our interface tools. The service includes: a 2D mock-up of the smile, a pre-treatment plan and a teamwork platform.

Sending digital or PVS prints

Once the patient is acquired, send us their digital or PVS prints and the smile box will be delivered to you.

How to take THE photo with a tablet or a smartphone

With a tablet or a smartphone and the Neewer lighting system, you will take the best picture possible to improve your Getursmile presentations.

The Neewer lighting system showcased in the video is available on Amazon.

Getursmile video tutorial

Very easy to use, learn how to handle a case in two, three clicks.