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    Save money by using the Getursmile service for the management of your cases.

2 options are available to you

Choose between Easysmile And Getursmile for the achievement of your cases.

2D smile mock-up: 29 USD/case
2D smile mock-up: 199 USD for 8 cases
Transfer of a case to Getursmile: 20 USD
Option: simulation in 50 minutes (applicable fees)
Receive the 2D smile mock-up + a pre-diagnosis + a pre-treatment plan and access the teamwork platform and the 3D lab for
39 USD/case
Time: Less than 24 hours
3D wax-up: 249 USD/dental arch (7 working days)
DVO: 150 USD/dental arch (7 working days)
Smile Box: 150 USD/dental arch (7 working days)
Option: simulation in 50 minutes (applicable fees)

Competitive advantages of Getursmile

Getursmile is much more than a simple simulation.

Getursmile is a 2D mock-up as accurate as the 3D mock-up

  • No need to test the 3D mock-up to receive the patient's approval. You will get a positive response from the patient with the 2D mock-up before you even take the oral impressions.

  • The 2D Getursmile mock-up guarantees predictability. Don't spend any more time and money on 3D mock-ups!
Getursmile Competition
Protocol 1 photo Several photos
Get a motivated positive response Simple Long, costly and complex
Cost for a positive response 39 USD 300 USD and more
Time to receive a positive response 10 minutes Several hours
Cost to produce the 3D wax-up 249 USD 500 to 1000 USD
Average spending to receive a positive response 39 USD plus 10 minutes More than 1000 USD, several hours
Training for usage 10 minutes Up to 10 hours
Clinical training and team motivation
*Trainer's transportation costs
99 USD/person Up to 3900 USD
Complete web platform Yes No

Keep your regular work habits while improving your ability to handle cosmetic dentistry cases.